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Our Values: Respect, Trust, Continuous Improvement, Excellence in achievement.
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On behalf of the Pastoral Team.

As you may have seen recently, Gaming has been officially categorised as an addiction, clicking the link above provides further illustration to why this is indeed a growing concern amongst young people.

One in ten UK children aged 13-18 is gambling online


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Golspie High aims to nurture and develop the academic and creative talents of every pupil, and provide them with engaging opportunities to succeed. We invest significant time in fostering positive relationships with our community, and this is reflected in the hard-working and friendly pupils who attend the school.

The school encourages aspiration, dedication and kindness in our pupils; and we expect the highest standards of behaviour, based on tolerance and respect.

In addition to a broad curriculum, a wide range of extra-curricular activities are available to our pupils, appealing to their interests in sports, the arts and outdoor pursuits, all of which contribute to the school's aims of providing the fullest education possible.

Driving Ambitions

Driving Ambitions